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Is a Welk Timeshare Right for You?

Timeshares allow people to own a little piece of a luxury resort. Some companies, like a Welk Timeshare, have multiple locations so their clients have a variety of destinations to visit. The opportunity is one that is not perfect for all travelers but is a huge benefit to the right type of person or family. Here is who will get the most enjoyment and value from their investment.

Enjoy Familiar Settings

Vacation travel could either be venturing to somewhere new or spending time at a favorite destination. People that enjoy a tropical beach vacation every winter or love exploring their favorite adopted city while they relax will enjoy the security of having a timeshare in the chosen location.

Prefer Saving Money

Timeshares are much less expensive than traditional hotel stays. The cost of the space is lower and having a full kitchen saves money on food costs. Large families will also benefit because they have paid for the condo and not for each person staying there.

Dislike Maintenance Worries

A vacation home typically means worrying about maintenance and upkeep and what will happen to the home during the rest of the year when it is vacant. This is not a concern with timeshares. They are maintained, cleaned and supervised all year long by the company that owns the resort.

Desire More Comfort

Hotels, even suites, do not have a like-home feel. Traveling with children or anyone that suffers homesickness is easier when they are able to be in a comfortable, fully furnished condo instead of a sterile hotel room. A happy group will have more time and energy to enjoy their stay.

Want Fewer Restrictions

Making changes to hotel reservations is not easy. Adding someone last minute may not be possible due to room size or the cost. Changing the date because of a scheduling conflict could mean the loss of a deposit and no available rooms later on. Timeshares do not restrict occupancy and renting out the condo or swapping it with another timeshare is possible.

The majority of people that choose this type of accommodation are very happy with their experience. Take the time to inspect the locations available and learn all the details. Every company offers slightly different perks, rules and rates.