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Balance Alloy Wheel Tyres

First park the car on a flat ground and loosen the lug nuts of the wheel rims using a tire iron. Make use of a floor jack to raise the vehicle off the ground without taking the wheels off completely. Suspend the car fully with the use of jack stands. Then remove the lug nuts and the all the four wheels.

Clean the tires using soapy water and a brush. Residues of paint, cement and tar can be removed by using lacquer thinner.

Set up a bubble balance machine for the process of balancing the alloy wheels. View the bubble through the window gauge. Adjust the knobs to ensure that the bubbles are in the middle of the cross hair. Now place a rim facing upwards over the machine cone. The lever of the machine needs to be pushed down so that the tire floats. Check the position of the bubble.

Note the bubble movement by detaching a half inch increment weight from the adhesive tape. Now that half inch increment can be placed on the opposite direction of the bubble movement. To center the bubble in the window gauge, keep placing half inch weights on the rim. Use a chalk to mark the outline of the weight on the rims. Now release the floater level of the machine and allow the rim to sit on the frame of the machine.

Use a similar procedure for all the other wheels. Tune the rim over the machine and secure all the weights to it. Place the wheels back onto the car and tighten the nuts properly.