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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Optimal Vehicle Protection

The wind and dirt can result in minor scratches often penetrating the paintwork of the body. Where dust accumulates and covers the surface, it will contribute to a considerably dull appearance. Bird droppings can result in increased exposure to acidity. While parking under a tree can provide shade, it can also expose vehicles to an onslaught of leaves, twigs, berries, and sap.

Thieves will often think twice before targeting a covered motor vehicle, in comparison to assets that are fully exposed. The fabric that is secured around the automobile will mean that it should take a longer period to access the particular car. There are customized covers that include a lock and key, making it even harder for possible criminals to attempt to break into the automobile.

Custom fitting options have become increasingly popular as it eliminates the possibility of a poor fit. Tailored wraps are manufactured to align with the shape and the size of the vehicle. Many include pockets for mirrors for increased security and appeal. Options such as tie downs, cords and locks will prevent strong winds from removing the wrap and ensure that the car remains protected against the elements.

The key to maintaining the appeal of the vehicle is to ensure that it remains protected and is not susceptible to fading, scratches, dings and exposure to UV light. Dust allowed to settle on the surface will contribute to minor scratches, which may be prevented with adequate coverage. There are a number of benefits associated with the right type of car covers custom made to fit your automobile.

How Often An Oil Change?

During your last oil change, your mechanic might have suggested you the number of miles where the next oil change must take place, you might be checking nervously whether the vehicle has reached the said miles with a fear that if the vehicle has to be given for oil change, you will have to reach your office through public transportation or any other means. But, this worry is not at all required these days since there are instant oil change locations where the oil change can be done within 10 minutes and therefore you need not go to your office for days together via public transportation. Now, you might have a doubt as to how frequently the oil in your vehicle should be changed?

There are two methods to find whether your vehicle is in close need of an oil change and these two checks can be done by yourself without the requirement of visiting a local lube shop or garage. The first method is to check the user manual that came along with your vehicle, where you can get details regarding the recommended time to change the oil according to the specification of the manufacturer. Since this information would be more specific to your model vehicle, the information would be appropriate, rather than asking a mechanic, who deals with different types of vehicles. If the owner’s manual has been lost, you will have to physically check the cleanliness and quality of your vehicle by yourself, which is of course the second method.

Open the hood of your vehicle and search for the dip-stick and if you need help in locating the same, you can search for the same in the World Wide Web by specifying the model number and make of your vehicle. Once the dip-stick is located, you can pull it up and check the color and quality of the oil and if it is found that the lubricant level is low, then it is better to get the help of instant oil change locations as soon as possible. If the level of lubricant is fine, its color and clarity should be checked and here it should be dirt-free and should have a richer amber color.

Balance Alloy Wheel Tyres

First park the car on a flat ground and loosen the lug nuts of the wheel rims using a tire iron. Make use of a floor jack to raise the vehicle off the ground without taking the wheels off completely. Suspend the car fully with the use of jack stands. Then remove the lug nuts and the all the four wheels.

Clean the tires using soapy water and a brush. Residues of paint, cement and tar can be removed by using lacquer thinner.

Set up a bubble balance machine for the process of balancing the alloy wheels. View the bubble through the window gauge. Adjust the knobs to ensure that the bubbles are in the middle of the cross hair. Now place a rim facing upwards over the machine cone. The lever of the machine needs to be pushed down so that the tire floats. Check the position of the bubble.

Note the bubble movement by detaching a half inch increment weight from the adhesive tape. Now that half inch increment can be placed on the opposite direction of the bubble movement. To center the bubble in the window gauge, keep placing half inch weights on the rim. Use a chalk to mark the outline of the weight on the rims. Now release the floater level of the machine and allow the rim to sit on the frame of the machine.

Use a similar procedure for all the other wheels. Tune the rim over the machine and secure all the weights to it. Place the wheels back onto the car and tighten the nuts properly.

Ways Customize Car Seat Covers


This is where you customize the seat cover using your favorite sports team logo. You can also customize it using your favorite cartoon character or flower image. You should start by buying a fabric with images that you like. To make your work easy, you should choose a fabric with images that are large enough.

Once you have found the fabric, you should cut the images out and identify where you want to place them on the covers. You should then iron the image on the seat cover.

For ideal results you should ensure that you use the correct heat setting on the iron. To prevent melting of the synthetic material, you should place a piece of fabric between the iron and cover.

You should finish the appliqué by sewing the edges of the image onto the car cover.

Tie and dye

This is ideal when you are operating on a tight budget. You should buy white car covers and large rubber bands. You should also buy at least four colors of your favorite dye.

While sectioning off large and small areas of your covers, you should place each of your favorite dyes in a large bucket and dip each section of the cover in the bucket. For ideal results you should ensure that the car cover is saturated with the dye.

If you are using dark colors, you should repeat the dipping process. Once the covers are completely dyed you should rinse them with water, remove the rubber bands, and let them dry. To remove excess dye you should machine wash the car covers before use.