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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Transform Car With Stylish Decals

Some people are ardent pet lovers and they like to show the love for their pet by displaying decals that contains their pet’s photos. This is a cute way to express love and affection for one’s pup or kitten. Some other cute stickers include the family decals, and if you have kids at home then you are sure to have family decals/ stickers pasted on your car’s window or backside.

Besides being a medium of showing love or patronage for your nation, sports team, organization, college, schools, club, family etc; you can also use the decals for advertisement purposes. If you have a small business or your wish to promote a product/ service, you may use decals as a fantastic promotional tool.

These decals are usually custom made and they contain the details of the products or business. When using the decals for promotional purposes, you should choose the decals carefully and make sure that the font size and color combinations are perfect. Choosing the right font size is essential so that anybody who looks at the decal should be able to clearly read your massage. Too small font size will be difficult to read and the onlookers are not going to try hard.

Apart from the font, the color combination used in the decals should also be pleasing to the eye and look attractive. We would suggest that you select a light colored background and a dark font color to make sure that your messages are clearly visible to the eye. Next, you should pay attention to the text or images to include in the decals. You should avoid overcrowding the decal with lots of text and images as this will spoil its aesthetic appeal.

The most effective way is to keep your message short and simple. Convey your message to the onlookers in a quick and interesting way. You may add your business logo or the product image along with the important details such as the name of the company, phone number, website address, discounts, offers and so on.

Car Engine Remapping

The amount of improvement in the engine’s performance depends on the type of car that is getting remapping done. Turbocharged cars get the best results. This is because more air is pumped in, unlike aspirated engines where there is necessity for tuning.

If the manufacturer offers versions of a car’s engine with higher power outputs, this is a good sign that the technicians will be able to increase the engine performance. When car owners have the most powerful version of an engine, there is less to work with but gains can still be made.

Usually, power is boosted at least ten percent on normal aspirated cars. Turbocharged owners can expect to see an engine power increase up to 20 percent. Diesels usually get the biggest increase of up to 30 percent. Most remapping shops will have a website with specific data per car model based on past results.

The cost of remapping is often offset by the improvement achieved in fuel economy. This is usually a side effect of boosting performance, especially on diesel turbo cars. However, many people go into a remapping shop just wanting a better fuel economy for their car, which can also be achieved with an ECU remapping.

Performance technology improvements can bring drivers a fuel economy saving up to seven percent on diesel models. There are also fuel economy improvements available on petrol cars. Some remapping centres specialise in efficiency and can give more fuel economy improvements. Efficiency improvements utilise ECU parameters that is similar to those found in eco-special car models offered by manufacturers.

There is only one possible roadblock to ECU remapping, and that is the insurance company or car manufacturer. Any change on the car requires the owner to tell the insurer. Premiums will most likely rise as a result. Remapping shops will tell people what insurance companies will look more favourably on when it comes to modified cars.

Car manufacturers knows about warranties. Some manufacturers say that they do not recommend any power enhancement changes because the vehicle warranty could be compromised or revoked on any parts failures related to the enhancements. Remapping companies combat this by working on a large number of vehicles under manufacturer warranty with very few disputes.

Many remapping companies will offer a back-up warranty to fill gaps in the manufacturer’s cover about remapping or chipping and their related parts. Professionals also say that, once installed, a remap is not often detected by staff in service centres. This makes warranty problems less likely.

Manufacturers also say that owners should not change their cars because of buffer zones in the products to make sure longevity. They claim that remapping will decrease the longevity by removing performance limitations.

Cold Air Intakes

Among all these components, the cold air intake plays a significant role in making a vehicle work well. As their name indicates, they take cold air inside and help in keeping the engine cool. This in turn, will make the engine work more efficiently by producing extra power and top performance. Their aim is to cut the temperature of the air entering inside the vehicle. It is the cold air which prevents any sound production and save as much as fuel possible. Nowadays these intakes are available in multiple colors that also play a pivotal role in enhancing the vehicle’s exterior The principle on which they work is the more oxygen results in the good combustion of fuel.

There are different types of cold air intake available in the market. Some of the commonly used among them include:

Air Ram Kits: These use outside air to force it into the engine naturally through a part in cut outs, hood, or vents. Pulling cold air inside is possible through scoops and route it to the throttle body. The air moves to the tubes that are linked to the scoop. The speed of the air going inside the intake allows superior quality and more air inside the automobile, which in turn improves the working of the vehicle.

Long Ram Air Intakes: They result in enhanced horsepower and reliable gas mileage by improving the competence. It is only possible through abolishing the limiting stock air boxes and re-establishing them with twisted tubes allowing smooth flow. This will enhance the amount of air entering into the engine along with its increased velocity. The air that moves inside the engine is quite cold. Sometimes one might have to face hydro locking.

Short Ram Air intakes: These are bit analogous to Long Ram intakes. The disparity lies in the short tubing that typically stays in the engine bay, and might show the way to the grill. To oppose intake heat troubles, many short ram intakes embraces some heat shield types. They result in superior MPG as a result of complete burning of fuel. They make use of external air force the air inside the engine through a part in the vents, hood, or cut outs.

Car Touch Up Paint

You might never have had this kind of trouble with your car’s paint, but as I said before they can quickly occur so you might want to know these few steps of proper touch up paint use. Before you start you will need to require all needable material for this process. Mostly you will need basic things such as masking paper, masking tape, primer, sandpaper, base coat and clear coat. Of course you will need to choose the paint that exactly matches the current one.

Firstly you might put your vehicle into the shade and then clean it by washing it with a shampoo that is specially formulated for cars. Next thing that follows is of course drying and then mask the area around the damaged spot to avoid spreading or spilling of paint over it. When you do that go and take a high grit sandpaper to sand the damaged part. Don’t sand just the area that is imperfect, rather do it one or two inches more all around the repair needing area. Then with a soft cloth dust the area.

When things that are listed above are done, the fun part comes into a repairing plan. Use paint brush and apply the primer over the scratch. Again, let it dry and then apply one more coat of primer. You can do this process up to four times with a gap of about ten minutes between each coat. Next few steps are now crucial. Take the base coat and test it if the buyed one matches to the original one, so that paint will easily blend in. Now softly sand the primed area. Next, take the color and apply it over the primed surface, you can do this up to 3-4 coats as required. Keep a gap of somewhere between twenty and thirty minutes between two coats for drying. You can choose to use a paint can and brush or a spray paint for repainting the damaged area. Finish the procedure by application of clear coat after the base coat dries off.