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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Easy Car Audio Solutions


Your car audio system is in need of a more competent amplifier if you think the sound coming out from the speakers lack a little extra something you cannot put a label to. Music lovers are very much particular about this! They have needs and expectations towards their own audio systems, they must be addressed. Good amplifiers do not distort your favorite songs into certain noise-producing tracks. Having a new set will also be great not only for in-car use, but also for outdoor audio entertainment purposes. If sound quality is what you are up to, a good set of amplifiers will give you the best listener’s experience there is.

Vibration Damp

Have you ever hated that annoying vibration you hear (and feel) when you listen to songs inside your car in full volume? Be relieved. A lot of us have experienced it as well. Well this kind of – let’s say – sensation actually results from string movements that go all over the place without proper dampening methods. What makes this intolerable is when music becomes noise. Well, that’s definitely out of the plan when all you ask for is pure entertainment. Through the use of vibration dampening materials, string movements are absorbed and controlled to just stay on the safe levels. That’s what a small round-shaped vibration controller does. Convenient, isn’t it?


Richness and depth. Do you feel like your car audio system is up to no good in giving you the low registers your music supposedly produces? A subwoofer can give you that. Stop the biased adoration to high notes. Give time and listen to low notes as well. Balance it all out. It all comes in an unassuming little box. A good subwoofer and amplifier is just perfect match. No questions asked.

Body Kit Considerations

Most aftermarket body kits consist of four parts that include the front bumper, a rear diffuser, side skirts and a rear trunklid spoiler or wing. As we’ve said, styles range from mild to extra wild, from subtle to downright ugly.

Some tuners and high-end design houses also offer widebody kits that add bulbous fenders for those oversize wheels and tires. But before you consider a widebody kit, it’s important to make sure that your car has the power to back up its looks. Not to mention being legal for the street.

It used to be that kits were made from fiberglass. Nowadays, the material of choice is urethane or carbon fiber. Urethane has largely replaced fiberglass because it’s more flexible, though not necessarily lighter. It lasts longer and is not prone to cracking from road vibrations, like fiberglass. If cost were not a concern, carbon fiber is of course the way to go, as it has the benefits of being stronger, yet lighter, than steel. Of course, it will also lighten your wallet considerably. But the material’s lightness and strength is the reason racers use the material as much as they can.

Not many people realize it, but you can actually mix and match body kits to design your own look. Kit vendors offer their sets in separate pieces so you can, say but your front spoiler from vendor A and use the rear diffuser from another vendor. Be aware though that once you start mixing components, material variances can affect the fit and also the look. And when installing, have your kit installed by an experienced person, so that you get the pieces aligned correctly. It would be a bummer to drill into your body and cut some offending piece from the kit, only to find that it wasn’t necessary.

Advantages of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

  • A nitrogen-filled tyre does not lose pressure as quickly so you can expect a longer tyre life. It tends to keep the pressure constant.
  • The possibility of rust is reduced. It is the oxygen that causes rust. Rust can make rubber brittle which increases the chance of a blow-out. Nitrogen prevents the oxidation process of the internal rubber.
  • Nitrogen-filled tyres reduce emissions which gives you a longer tyre life, so you don’t need to change your tyres often. This also means that fewer tyres are discarded which reduces landfill waste.
  • There is less corrosion because there’s no moisture in pure nitrogen, unlike air.
  • There is a slower rate of pressure loss as nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules. This improves the driving quality and reduces the tyre running pressure. Therefore nitrogen-filled tyres create a smooth and safer ride.
  • A tyre that remains properly inflated deflects less than an under-inflated tyre, which keeps it cooler and causes it to wear evenly.

Importance of Car Washers

Wash: Similar to all equipments, it is necessary to clean and wash automobiles effectively. There are different types of car washer available today. These are easy to install and operate. Different models of these washers can be availed easily from online stores at affordable price rates.

Oil Change: Another important tip to consider is oil change. It is important to change the oil every three to six months to ensure the efficiency of the engine.

Tune Up: It is also pertinent to check the air filter, spark filter, emission control filters and fuel filters regularly so that the engines produce low level of emission. It is also necessary to check the engines so that it delivers balanced power.

Hoses and Belts: It is also important to check the hoses and belts to ensure there are no cracks and loose connections which are mainly caused due to excessive usage.

Battery: Automobile care also includes the performance check of the automobile batteries. It is necessary to use batteries which are corrosion free and clean so as to ensure optimum performance.

HVAC System: It is also necessary to check the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system of the vehicles so that it heats and cools appropriately.

Waxing: Automobiles need to be waxed twice in a year so that it appears chic and well maintained.

Tire Maintenance: With regular usage, the tires of the vehicles wear out so it is important to rotate them. Wheels need to be aligned to obtain maximum performance.

Various Types of Car Washers:

Many of the online stores showcase a variety of car washers which include different features. Some of the most important features include the following.

Effective Cleaning: These washers can be used to clean vehicles thoroughly with its twin piston pumps.

Less Water Usage: Compared to the other cleaning devices, it utilizes less amount of water for cleaning purposes.

Fan Spray: Most of these devices use fan sprays jets to clean automobiles and its parts. As it includes a large amount of pressure, it provides effective cleaning solutions.

Less Time: In comparison to the other types of cleaning devices, it requires less amount of time to clean the surfaces of vehicles.